The five perfumers have known each other for a long time. They all studied in Grasse, in the south of France, the capital of perfume.
They have one thing in common; they all lived, during their studies, in the former Banque de France in Grasse, a hotspot for student evenings in Grasse perfumery. It is therefore above all a strong relationship of friendship that binds them, beyond their common passion for perfume.


Own our backyard

Alexandra Carlin is a perfumer at Symrise. She grew up in Paris and was destined to become a journalist or writer after her studies in literature. But the year of the BAC, then enrolled at the Sorbonne, she hears a perfumer on the radio talking about his job and it's the click! "The raw materials will be my words for writing stories".
Always curious about new things in terms of ingredients and technologies, her perfumer's palette, far from being set in stone, is constantly evolving according to her obsessions with time!


accidentally maybe

Alexander Lee is a perfumer at Mane. His parents are from Taiwan and Singapore but he was born in San Francisco. In a college dance class, it was by wearing perfume that her awkwardness as a beginner dancer disappeared. Later, during a subway ride, he steals a smile from a sad woman sitting across from him by offering her a perfume sample. Through these two experiences he understood the power that perfume had on people. "Perfume is an invisible garment that can evoke intense emotions. I want people to feel alive and confident."


Here we belong

Amélie Jacquin is a perfumer at Givaudan. Her passion for perfumery comes from her mother whose family roots are in Grasse. Amélie spent all her childhood vacations in the hinterland of Grasse, where she was lulled by the emblematic scents of the region: lavender, jasmine, oleander, broom, cistus...
Her creative research s 'expressed in the play with raw materials and the pursuit of the unexpected combination.


slow burn desire

Sébastien Plan made his debut immersed in natural raw materials at Robertet.
He learned to understand these ingredients and to highlight them within a team of experts, with the know-how unique, real wells of knowledge, some with more than fifty years of career. It was in this environment that he developed his olfactory writing.



Mylène Alran is a perfumer at Givaudan. She was born in Albi and it was the smells of these sunny lands in southwestern France that rocked her childhood. She has kept a particular attachment to these familiar smells, like a "madeleine", which is often found in her work and is reflected in the imprint of a subtle light in her compositions.